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TEMPORARY CAMP CLOSURE! To help ensure stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus in accordance with local government policy, Tiger Muay Thai is closed and we plan to reopen on May 1st, pending further orders from the government. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and wish everyone remains healthy and strong through this difficult time! Read more here.
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Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training camp Upcoming Fight Schedule:

February 4, 2010 @ Patong Thai Boxing Stadium
Robert (USA)
Ritt (TMT Trainer)
(Simon (TMT Fighter)

February 5, 2010 @ Khao Lak Stadium
Claire (TMT WPMF World Muay Thai Champion)

February 9, 2010 @ Lumpinee Stadium
KoK (TMT Fighter)

February 11, 2010 @ Patong Muay Thai Stadium
Robin (USA)
Tanwa (TMT Trainer)
Nong (TMT Fighter)

February 13, 2010 @ Tiger Muay Thai BBQ Beatdown 22
Variety of Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA Fights

February 15, 2010 @ Patong Thai Boxing Stadium
Haider (USA)
Irsaad (South Africa)
Fauschon (TMT Trainer)

February 22, 2010 @ Patong Muay Thai Stadium
Cyrus (USA)
Charlie (France)

February 23, 2010 @ Ko Samui, Thailand
Richard (U.K.)
Robert (USA)
Nazee (TMT Trainer)

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