Tue. 24th May. 2022

Peter Forneck teaches the Seated Kettlebell Press in the 12:30PM Ambush All Strength Class

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Coach Peter Forneck teaches the Seated Kettlebell Press in the 12:30pm Ambush All Strength Class here at Tiger Muay Thai. This class is designed to make you stronger by taking the best exercises in barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell training and organizing them in a smart program suitable for...
Thu. 7th Apr. 2022

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: UFC Champions Petr Yan & Alexander Volkanovski sparring at Tiger Muay Thai

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#ThrowbackThursday to UFC Champions Petr Yan and Alexander Volkanovski sparring together here at Tiger Muay Thai a couple of years ago. Both Petr and Alex have been making regular trips to train with us since 2014, and we look forward to watching both champs go to work this weekend at UFC...
Wed. 6th Apr. 2022

Muay Thai Technique from our afternoon Muay Thai class: Clinch Counter Takedown

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Kru Pong teaches a takedown to counter an opponent's knee strike from the clinch, in the afternoon Muay Thai session here at Tiger Muay Thai. Our Muay Thai classes run every Monday-Saturday at 8am and 3pm, and time is allotted to specifically work on technique in every...
Thu. 31st Mar. 2022

BJJ black belt Joseph Henle teaches a Head inside Single Leg Takedown in the morning No-Gi Class

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Coaching the morning no-gi class, BJJ black belt Joseph Henle teaches a head inside single leg takedown, and then how to defend against it. Our No-Gi BJJ classes run every Monday-Friday at 9am, and go over all aspects of the art including takedowns, ground positioning, transitions and...
Thu. 3rd Mar. 2022

Senad Gashi takes you on a tour of Tiger Muay Thai in his latest v-log.

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Check out this nice video by Senad Gashi, documenting his training here at Tiger Muay...
Fri. 21st Jan. 2022

Tiger Muay Thai welcomes UFC Fighter Khamzat Chimaev to Camp

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Tiger Muay Thai welcomes Khamzat "The Wolf" Chimaev to camp! With an undefeated record of 10-0, Khamzat has made a big impression on the MMA world with his aggressive style and fast finishes. Currently ranked no.11 in the UFC welterweight division, Khamzat is coming off a round 1 finish over...