Wed. 6th Apr. 2022

Muay Thai Technique from our afternoon Muay Thai class: Clinch Counter Takedown

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Kru Pong teaches a takedown to counter an opponent's knee strike from the clinch, in the afternoon Muay Thai session here at Tiger Muay Thai. Our Muay Thai classes run every Monday-Saturday at 8am and 3pm, and time is allotted to specifically work on technique in every...
Tue. 12th Jul. 2016

Muay Thai Technique Video – Basic knee counter to punches

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Kru Oron shows a basic knee counter to opponents punches in the beginner Muay Thai program. Oron has used this technique to great effect many times during...
Sun. 19th Jun. 2016

Video & Photos from the Samart Payakaroon & Somluck Kamsing Muay Thai Seminar

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It was a really successful Muay Thai seminar by 2 living legends Samart Payakaroon -Poptheeratham and Somluck Kamsing. Samart Payakaroon is regarded by many as the best Muay Thai fighter of all time. Payakaroon became world champion in both Muay Thai and western boxing, a 4x Lumpinee Champion...
Thu. 10th Mar. 2016

Muay Thai Technique Video – Inside Sweep

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Check out this Muay thai Technique training video with trainers Kru Robert and Lai at camp showing a inside sweep....
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