The Joe Ray

“It speaks for itself” says Joe with a wink.

“ I just never wanted to choose a fight name just for the sake of having one”

Joe Ray will be heading down to Australia to fight Steve Kennedy in Roshambo 3 on July 28, 2014 for the Welterweight Title. He will be on the same card as TMT Sponsored MMA Fighter Alex “The Hulk” Volkanovski who is defending his Lightweight Title for the main event against Jai “The Tooth Fairy” Bradney.

Joe Ray first came over to Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp in 2009. He also fights out of American Top Team.

“ I was at ATT before I came to Tiger and I still train there when I’m back in Florida, USA. I have been training here for about a bit under 3 years.

He is a Strikeforce Veteran fighter and has never been stopped via KO or submission. He has only lost to a fight via decision and currently has a professional record of 10-3.

When asked about his unforgettable wins.

“ My win against Zorobabel Moreira and Chad Reiner in Martial Combat 3& 7 in Singapore both by Knock Out. Also my win just last year against Ole Laurson in Dare Bangkok by Submission (Arm Triangle) .

Joe considers Tiger Muay Thai his home away from home. Top-notch training is what he is used to back at American Top Team that provides world class trainers and fighters and this is what Tiger delivers as well.

“ It’s very similar back home and ATT is one of the best fight camps in America. Here, there is wide variety of choices to improve my skills such as Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and it’s all high level. It’s really hard for me to compare Tiger to other camps as I only train at ATT back home but what separates Tiger Muay Thai from my home camp is that it is located in paradise and I love Phuket.!

Joe Ray has been training under Head MMA Coach Brian Ebersole, Wrestling Coach Roger Huerta, BJJ Head Coach 5th Degree Blackbelt Fernando Maccachero, Muay Thai Trainers; Master Yod, Kru Lamsongkram and Kru Don in preparation for his fight.

“I love the high level instruction, great coaching, training partners and friends as I am learning different styles and details from all over the world here at Tiger Muay Thai.”

Joe Ray is also sponsored by Glassripper, Brawl and Maul. Hermida Audio. KO Committee. Kombat Mouthguards and Sabai-Gi