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Upcoming Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket Thailand Fights Worldwide


Upcoming Muay Thai and MMA fights for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training Camp, Phuket, Thailand fighters Worldwide:

September 20 @ Patong Muay Thai Stadium
Cyrus (USA)
Don (South Africa)

September 22 @ Bangla Thai Boxing Stadium
Claire (Luxembourg)
Samson (Tiger Muay Thai)

September 26 @ Bangla Thai Boxing Stadium
Cleo (Scotland)
Tanwa (Tiger Muay Thai)

September 27 @ Patong Muay Thai Stadium
Micah (USA)
Anna (Sweden)
Jonny (England)

September 30 @ Bangla Thai Boxing Stadium
Robert (USA)
JoJo (Tiger Muay Thai)

October 4 @ Patong Muay hai Stadium
Mike (USA)
Swatt (Tiger Muay Thai)

October 16 @ ESPN Martial Combat MMA Fights, Singapore
Ray Elbe (Superfight Championship)
Claire Haigh

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