Elvis Sinosic talks Tiger muay Thai in Australian Men's Fitness.Going to training camp to prepare for UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia, 8X UFC MMA veteran fighter chose Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand for nearly 3 weeks of tough Muay Thai training 2 x everyday with some of our champion trainers.

Elvis made the most and best of his quote of the latest (March 2010) issue of Australian Men’s Fitness magazine, ” The more you sweat in the gym the less you bleed in the Octagon.” Phuket, Thailand and Tiger Muay Thai are the perfect combination of hard workouts in a humid environment.

Elvis was a workout machine, as described in the article.

elvis-yodFrom the stationary bike and weight room to the Muay Thai ring and grueling workouts with trainers, like Kru Yod, that pushed the veteran MMA fighter to his limits to prepare him for war in the octagon with Muay Thai striking skills.

Check out the latest article in Australian Men’s Fitness Magazine a photos below of Elvis training with Kru Yod and video of training.