It was tough to match the atmosphere surrounding Friday night’s (Sept. 14th) fights at Bangla Boxing Stadium, with two Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp Phuket, Thailand fighters taking care of their opponents by sending them to the mat.

Kenneth Yam and Isamu Himura won their fights in the fourth and first rounds respectively. Yam, of Singapore was particularly impressive since it was the very first time he walked into the Muay Thai ring.

“I feel good. I just go in and just fight my way and did what I had to do,” the 17 year-old said.

Yam defeated Suppergof, a Thai with over 20 fights to his name. Yam looked poised throughout the bout and pushed the pace for most of it. He was particularly effective with low kicks and fought his way out of the corner several times.

In the fourth round, Yam finished off Suppergof with a straight punch to the gut.

Himura, a 29 year-old American, took on Yoderwut of Thailand, a 21 year-old. The fight started off with both men throwing punching combinations, but as Himura put it, neither of the punches seemed to effect him.

“I knew from his first hits, that I was going to outlast him. It was just something I felt from the get go,” Himura said.

Himura put Yoderwut away in the first round with a strong right cross and left hook combination that left his opponent on the mat for about five minutes after the concluding bell.

Making his debut in the Muay Thai ring was 23 year-old American Alex Schild, fighting with poise as he looked comfortable squaring up with his opponent, Paul Richards of Australia. It took Richards, a veteran of over 10 fights, until the end of the second round to beat Schild.