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TMT’s Tuptim survives 18-hour surgery with long recovery ahead


The 8-month-old daughter of Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Thai boxing trainer Rattanachai, Tuptim has survived her 18-hour long surgery with her mother at Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok.

Tuptim and her mother are in stable condition after the exhaustingly long surgery for such a young girl that has shown the strength and courage of a seasoned Muay Thai fighter just like her Muay Thai champion father.
Tiger Muay Thai and MMA wants to thank each and every person that helped in any and every way to give Tuptim the funds needed to perform such a difficult operation.
We would especially like to thank UFC president Dana White who stepped forward when he heard of the story of Tuptim and donated the $50,000 needed for the operation.

Check out the Phuket Gazette’s full article on Tuptim, her mother, and the surgery.

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