Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand and MMA Phuket put on an impressive performance last weekend, as the team went 2-0 in televised bouts for Master Toddy’s ‘Thai Fight Club’ MMA promotion in Pattaya Thailand.

Justin Governale competing as an Amateur in MMA faced top 10 ranked Rajadamnern Stadium fighter Mardsing Suriya, a veteran of over 100 professional Full Rules Muay Thai bouts. After a misplaced high kick by Suriya, Governale followed his Thai opponent to the ground, and showcased his grappling skills.

A BJJ Blue Belt, Justin was able to establish the mount while effectively utilizing his Ground and Pound. A very tough Suriya, showed heart as he continued to fight through the bad position, eventually causing a scramble as he attempted to escape back to his feet. Governale impressed the entire crowed when he calmly transitioned into a 10 finger Guillotine submission, giving him the victory at 2:27 of Round 1.

The other bout of the night featured former Muhsin Corbbrey student, and TMT fighter Matt Merria face Russian Yuri Sovenko of the Bangkok Fight Club. Yuri having missed the rules meeting, landed an intentional knee to the head of Matt during the bout. Referee Eric Gerber, a BJJ Brown Belt and MMA Instructor at Fairtex Banglapee stopped the bout deducting a point from Yuri. Giving Matt 5 minutes to fully recover from the illegal blow, the match was restarted.

Seeking retribution, Matt landed a knee to the head of his own against Yuri, as he quickly put his hand on the floor, making him a grounded opponent (3 points of contact). Stopping the match again Eric Gerber deducted a point from Merria, warning both fighters to follow the rules. Starting the 2nd round with aggressive striking, both fighters attempted ‘Superman’ punches, before Matt was able to get the bout to the ground and secure the Tapout submission at 2:44 of Rd. 2 via Heel Hook submission.

Special Thanks to American Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Phuket Alumni Adam Kayoom for cornering Matt Merria and Justin Governale as head coach Ray Elbe was working as the Master of Ceremonies for the fights, and was unable to be in their corners. With the success of the first Thai Fight Club event, look for Master Toddy to continue bringing MMA to Thailand. Other notables in attendance included promoter Bobby Gerrits, K-1 Max star Ole Laursen, and MMA Icon Bob Sapp.