It was another great night for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp Phuket, Thailand with three fighters getting their hand’s raised by the end of each of their bouts Monday night (Sept 3rd) at Patong Boxing Stadium

Rober “The Terminator,” Justin Doabosiff, and Trevor Hicks all shined and put away their opponents by TKO, with Hicks and Doabosiff fighting on just a few days notice.

Hicks’ opponent, 30 year-old Valerio of Italy, was overpowered. The American knocked Valerio’s mouthguard into the second row of seats in the first round, signaling just how dominant TMT would be thought the night.

“It was an overhand right that did that. I felt that he was giving me the shot without knowing,” Hicks said after the fight.

By the end of the second round, not only had Hicks relentlessly pummeled Valerio several times, he also threw him to the ground on his way to at TKO victory.

Robert “The Terminator,” one of TMT’s favorite and best known trainers (see highlight below), fought against 25 year-old Petmai of Thailand in a grueling fight. Robert kept closing in on Petmai, landing several kicks and elbows to the head.

By the end of the third round, Robert had opened a cut to the side of Petmai’s face – a weakness he would exploit in the fourth round. A jab, elbow, knee combination that Robert landed quickly took the life out of Petmai, and the referee stopped the fight in the middle of the fourth round.

Doabosiff was fighting in his third bout in a month. Coming off another victory just a week and a half ago, Doabosiff was matched up against 33 year-old Pomprakarm of Thailand, a veteran of nearly 70 fights. Doabosiff, who has only fought two other times in Thailand, was hell bent on continuing his winning streak.

In the second round, Doabosiff knocked his opponent to the ground with a strong right elbow, then pushed him to the ropes and boxed his face in. The referee stopped the fight in the third round after a succession of devastating knees to the body, giving Doabosiff his third victory.