Tiger Muay Thai fighters wemt 2-1 at Patong Stadium on August 21, 2008 as Ngoo and Tanwa rached up wins and Cyrus lost (Injured Knee) in an exciting night of fights.

Ngoo started the evening off looking for his 3rd win in-a-row facing younger and taller fighter from South Thailand. Ngoo looked good scoring with his elbow strikes and tip kicks to take the win over 5-rounds on points.

Tanwa came out strong looking to build on his win streak and opened a nasty cut to his Patong opponents forehead. Both fighters put on an excellent performance and won the “Fight of the Night” award from the promoter. The referee stopped the fight in the 4th round and Tanwa continued to work on his opponents cut and ahead on points.

Cyrus returned to ring looking to take on experienced veteran Tonphet. Cyrus was explosive early scoring with his hands and variety of fast head kicks, but late in the first Cyrus injures his left knee. Later in the 2nd round and not moving well, Cyrus takes several kicks to the knee before stopping at end of round two.

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