A nice article on the journey of Loma Lookboonmee from the rice fields of northeast Thailand, to being the best Muay Thai fighter in her weight division, and now to the bright lights of Invicta Fighting Championships

The Isaan native will soon fight for the first time in the United States. Can she pave the way for future Thai nationals in MMA?

The noodle vendor wanted to know how Loma Lookboonmee found herself on the famous Soi-Taied street in Phuket, Thailand.

After all, Loma, like the vendor, is a native of Isaan—the poorest and most underdeveloped region in the country. How could Loma afford to be here?

“I’m just a farmer’s daughter,” Loma said. But the truth is, Loma, 21, is far more than that…

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