Five stitches is a small price to pay for last night’s victory in Patong, according to Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand fighter Jamie “Milkman” MacKinnon. Although his French opponent, Manu, landed a strong elbow cutting his head in the first, MacKinnon applied so much pressure in the second that the other fighter simply couldn’t carry on.

“My plan was to come out nice and slow, but he set a fast pace,” explained MacKinnon who used to work as a mechanic in Scotland. “Near the end of the first round and I could see him getting tired. In the second I landed some good shots that were simply too much for him. To be honest, the victory was more satisfying for me knowing that he had to quit.”

The win moves MacKinnon’s record to 9-1 – something he attributes to his excellent training at Tiger.

“The level of training here is unbeatable. It’s an individual sport when you’re in the ring, but you need a team to get you ready for it. Tiger’s that team.”

Not so lucky in last night’s battle was TMT fighter Jimmy Allan Irvine. He took a strong knee just above the groin, followed by a knee to the face during the third. Opponent Richie Green took the TKO, but Irvine kept up his optimism.

“It’s back to training,” said the fighter shortly after his finish. “I’ll get my fitness better and just work on technique.”

Article by Natasha Horrelt