Yoga has been practiced by martial artist for at least 2000 years. When the legendary Yogi and Buddhist sage Bodhidharma AKA Tamo, was wandering China after leaving his life as an Indian prince, to become a yogi. Here he found the Shaolin temple. He taught them the Yogic arts what came to be the linage of the Shaolin, who used this knowledge to explore their potential, and develop the Shaolin arts.

Warrior Yoga Instructors course

Aim:To Train advanced martial artists and yoga practitioners a unique system of yoga, designed for martial artists, in order to teach.

Course length: 4 weeks, 5 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Cost of Course 40,000 Baht (Includes Full Training at TMT)

Certification accredited to Tiger Muay Thaiand MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand

Maximum students allowed on course, 5.

What warrior yoga brings to the practitioner: Inner calm, excellent balance both physical and mental. Fantastic flexibility and strength both internal and external. Increases healing rate. Through breath control endurance is heightened a great amount. A work out that can be done anywhere, needing no props or gimmicks. Lastly a philosophy of life that leads to greater awareness, and a way to explore ones spirituality in one own authentic manner.

What you will learn on the Warrior Yoga course:

Assanas – yogic postures

Pranayama – breath control

Martial arts techniques taught in a yogic way

Meditation & visualization techniques

Reiki 1 & 2 A Japanese healing art based on the teachings of Dr Usui. Designed to speed up healing rate, as well as learning to heal others.

Massage and joint manipulation techniques, based on Thai massage, simple and effective technique that can help others.

How to teach warrior yoga, create lesson plans, for both classes and private clients.

Time table

Day1 Morning yoga, course intro, meditation, group discussion, begin Reiki Lvl 1.

Day2 Morning yoga, philosophy of Warrior Yoga, meditation, chakras, group discussion, Reiki 1 continued, afternoon yoga.

Day 3 Morning yoga meditation, the aura, Reiki 1 complete, afternoon yoga.

Day 4 Morning yoga, meditation, the micro cosmic orbit, massage techniques and partner stretches, afternoon yoga.

Day 5 Morning yoga, meditation, the body of light, massage and partner stretches, afternoon yoga.

Day 6 Morning yoga, meditation, elemental balancing & empowering. Combining Reiki and massage, afternoon yoga.

Day 7 Morning yoga, meditation Reiki lvl 2, Afternoon yoga.

Day 8 Morning yoga, meditation, macro cosmic orbit, Reiki 2 complete, Yogic shadow boxing. Afternoon yoga.

Day 9 Morning yoga, meditation, visualization for martial arts improvement. Mantras & affirmations. Yogic shadow boxing and afternoon yoga.

Day 10 Morning yoga, meditation, Pranayama, alternate breathing. Student take turns in teaching, 10 min sessions. Yogic shadow boxing, afternoon yoga.

Day 11 Morning yoga, meditation 1 hour, students give visualization/yoga drills, 10min per person. Feedback, yogic shadow boxing & afternoon yoga.

Day 12 Morning yoga, meditation 1 hour, pranayama fire breathing. Students give visualization/yoga drills. Feedback, yogic shadowboxing & afternoon yoga.

Day 13 Morning yoga, meditation 1 hour, pranayama cool breathing. Students give visualization/yoga drill. Feedback, yogic shadowboxing & afternoon yoga.

Day 14 Morning yoga, meditation 1 hour, students take turns to teach classes, feedback, yogic shadow boxing, afternoon yoga.

Day 15 to 22 the same as day 14.

Days 22 & 23 Will have morning yoga, then each student will run an hour class, feedback will be given.

Day 24 Morning yoga, 1 hour meditation, then certification.