Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand welcomes Filipino fighter Ryan “The Lion” Diaz is a veteran of Superbrawl, TKO, KOTC, and Shooto Japan.
With notable fights against Abel Cullum, Nam Phan, Eddie Yagin,Steve Claveau, Kola Koka, and Thierry Quenneville, Ryan Diaz documented 17-11 MMA record is filled with big name fights.
Ryan Diaz is currently one of the head Muay Thai instructors at Arizona Combat Sports; home of Jamie Varner, Ryan Bader, Steve Stienbiess, and Joe Riggs.
This is Diaz’s second year in a row that he has come to Tiger Muay Thai for training.
Some of Ryan “The Lion” Diaz accomplishments include;
King of the Cage 135 lbs. World Champion
King of the Cage 145 lbs. Canadian Champion
AFC 135 lbs. World Champion
Hook n Shoot 135 lbs. North American Champion
2 x Pacific Northwest Champion
Canadian Muay Thai Champion
Shooto, Superbrawl, Shootboxing Japan, K-U Japan, Abu Dhabi veteran.