Khanit scores with Muay thai knee strike

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Phuket Training Camp fighters went 3-0 at Patong Muay Thai stadium on December 18, 2008 as Wiktor, Chad and Khanit, Muay Thai trainer and fighter for Tiger Muay Thai all won their fights. Wiktor and Chad each scored 1st round KO’s and each fighter moved to 2-0.

Chad Moves to 2-0 in Muay Thai

Wiktor and Chad are professional MMA fighters and members of Team MMA Thailand and fight both Muay Thai and MMA in Phuket and around the world.

Wiktor used his vicious leg attacks to wear down his taller opponent until he had taken so many leg kicks he could not stand. Wiktor has strong stand up striking and griund skills.

Wiktor unleashes a powerful Muay thai leg kick

Chad used superior conditioning and technique and patiently waited till he scored his big shoy nd dropped his opponent to the canvas for the count.

Khanit, trainer at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp scored his 2nd points win this month demonstrating his skills and outstanding technique over 5-rounds. Khanit is a very fast fighter for a Muay Thai fighter with 180+ Muay Thai fights in his career along with 3 Championships in Thailand. Khanit will fight regularly at Patong and Bangla Muay Thai stadiums.