While attending UFC 127 in Sydney Australia Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Phuket, Thailand and former TUFF fighter and head coach Ray Elbe and Grainne Farrell of Lotus Medical International arranged to meet with UFC President Dana White and present him with a gift of appreciation.

3x Lumpinee Champion and Tiger Muay Thai instructor Rattanachai was in desperate need of a miracle when his 7 month old daughter was told that she needed a liver transplant within 6 weeks, or she was going to die.  The cost of the medical operation came close to 50,000USD and the entire Tiger Muay Thai community started fundraising efforts to get as much of the total collected as possible, several people gave donations as the team worked towards their goal.  Hearing about baby Tuptim’s hardship, Dana White got a hold of Tiger Muay Thai and generously donated the remaining sums to complete the operation.

It has now been several weeks since the medical procedure and Tuptim is making a full recovery.  Dana’s amazing act of generosity, combined with the actions of the Tiger Muay Thai community saved a child’s life.

TMT would like to thank everyone who helped with the life saving fundraiser, and would like to let Dana White know that he always has a ‘home’ with the Tiger Muay Thai family should he ever decide to visit Phuket Thailand.