Two members of the Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp Phuket, Thailand – MMA team have been tapped to fight Roshambo 1 in Australia on April 6.

Ben Nguyen (7-6) and Cody “The Wolverine” Stevens (9-5-1) will represent TMT MMA in the start-up promotion’s first event, which will take place at the Chandler Theatre in Brisbane. This will be Nguyen’s and Stevens’ first professional bout in Australia. Each will take on a fighter from Ingratiated MMA Academy.

Stevens will take on Greg Atzori (7-4), a 6-foot (182 cm) and 155-pound (70 kg) fighter. At just 5’6″ (167 cm) and 145-pounds (65.7 kg), Stevens will be moving up in weight and taking on the bout with a considerable height difference.

“I’ve fought guys that tall and train with guys bigger and taller than me,” Stevens says, “It’s nothing new to me. I’ll be more explosive, and I have more heart. I’ve just got to keep my wits about me when I fight and keep pouring it on him and hopefully walk away with a win. I’m excited to represent Tiger Muay Thai and Fight Farm.”

Stevens’ will look to bounce back from a draw at Rocktagon Elite Series 23, a fight that took place in his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio, USA. The 30-year-old has been putting in time with TMT trainers Brian Ebersole and Roger Huerta since coming back to Thailand in the last month.

“How bad does (Atzori) want to be great? Not as bad as me. My cardio feels good, I feel strong,” Stevens says.

Nguyyen (pronounced “win”) will take on Greg Penaloza (3-2) in a featherweight bout. This is Nguyen’s first fight in a cage since his round 1 win over Andrew Whitney in 2011. The South Dakotan has been itching to fight again and will look to take this opportunity to introduce himself to an audiences in this side of the world.

“I’m hungrier than ever and I can’t wait to show off my refined abilities in the cage, Nguyen says, “Being at (Tiger Muay Thai) and working with world class fighters and trainers such as Brian Ebersole and Roger Huerta, it really boosts my confidence knowing that I’ve been training with some of the best.”

Both Nguyen and Stevens joined the TMT MMA fight team after a multiple-day tryout period last December. Check out the videos below of the MMA tryouts.

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Episode 3

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