First Muay Thai fight in ThailandTiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp guests Steven (Norway) and Marc (Denmark) scored wins in their fights against other foreign fighters at Patong Stadium on the evening of March 5, 2009.

Steven looked good with TMT’s aggressive style as he stalked Marco (Italy) for three rounds before his strong clinch knee strikes and kicks to the midsection caused the Marco to wave off the fight.

Steven looked good in his first fight showing a strong grasp of technique and ring control.

Fighter wins first Muay Thai fightMarc went five rounds for a win on points against his opponent from France. Marc used his height advantage well and scored some big shots dropping his opponent and stunning him several times.

Tomas the fighter from France showed courage and fought on till the end, but Marc, even though tired in the 5th round attacked and was aggressive wining the fight.

TMT fighters Tanwa and Harnchai lost their fights on points. Tanwa was in a close fight against a fighter in a higher weight class as he already is the Patong and Bangla Champion.