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Tiger Muay Thai guest to climb world’s 7 highest mountains on 7 continents


You want to get in shape? Good enough shape to climb the world’s seven highest mountain peaks on all seven continents? Then training at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp in Phuket, Thailand might be the place to start.

Luke Richmond, a return guest at TMT, is back and being sponsored by Tiger Muay Thai on his grand quest.

Richmond will travel to all seven continents and climb the highest mountain on each continent to raise money for the Central Asian Institute: an NGO who promotes community based education, especially for girls, in remote regions of northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.

If it is for a good cause such as this, TMT will be giving our support to Richmond and have put him in our body fit and boot camp program and weightlifting to help him prepare for the extreme adventure and hardships he will face.

Congratulations to Luke and good luck on your amazing adventure in your quest to help those in need.

You can read more about Richmond and his adventure quest on his blog at Olacadventures

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