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Tiger Muay Thai goes 6-0 over 3 nights in Patong


fight-poster-june-23-2009You can call it a winning streak as Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp fighters have gone 6-0 over 3 nights in Patong on June 19, 21, and 23 at Patong Muay Thai and Bangla Muay Thai stadiums.

On June 19, Jonno and Tanwa scored a pair of 3rd round KO’s.

On June 21, Mon and Cyrus scored a TKO and KO for wins in their fights. Mon won by TKO in 4th round dominating his Thai opponent and Cyrus has run his record to 3-0 as he took on Muay Thai fighter with 60 + fights and scored a 3rd round KO with a shot to the solar plexus downing his opponent.

On June 23, Ash and TMT’s youngest fight Phet-Sing scored  wins as Ash leveled his Thai opponent with a combo that ended with a vicious kick to the liver. Phet-Sing won his fight on points against more experienced and taller fighter in youth class.

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