Maria (Sweden) fights Muay thai Phuket, ThailandTiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp fighters went 3-2 over two nights of exciting action in Muay Thai fights in Patong, Phuket, Thailand on February 16-17, 2009.

On February 16, Maria (Sweden) fought in her first fight in Thailand with her experienced Thai opponent losing a close fight over the distance of five rounds and leaving it up to the judges.

Showing experience is more important than size, the slightly smaller but more experienced Thai fighter used her speed over Maria’s power in a close but well fought contest.

Patong Stadium FightJohnny (Ireland) also lost on points in a very close fight where both sides were walking with hands in the air expecting victory.

But Johnny came up just short over five rounds in his first fight against an evenly matched but more experienced Thai fighter.

Claire (Luxemborg) continued her unbeaten streak and Ko’ed Nongkarn with a hard leg kick that left the experienced and tough Women’s Muay Thai fighter on the canvas.

On February 17, Tiger Muay Thai and MMA fighters scored 2 knock-outs with Ritt scoring an elbow KO in the 2nd round as he continued his dominance in the ring owning all 3 stadium titles in Phuket.

Anna returns to TMT and Phuket scores KOAnna (Sweden) on her 2nd trip to Tiger Muay Thai scored a nice third round KO over Nahmwan with a knee to the solar plexus that put her opponent on her knees gasping for air and out of the fight.

Anna has returned to Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp. Phuket, Thailand for her 2nd trip and will be staying for 3+ months training and fighting. Tiger Muay thai sends trainers to Anna’s camp in Sweden.