Will scores big Muay Thai head kickTiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp fighter went 2-1 at Bangla Muay Thai stadium as Andy and Khanit scored points wins with khanit, Tiger Muay Thai trainer / fighter win the Bangla Championship belt, and Will lost his firstMuay thai fight on points over 5-rounds.

Khanit wins Bangla TitleWill scored big early in the fight almost scoring a KO with a head kick, but the far more experienced Thai fighter saved his energy for the final rounds and took the fight on points. Andy fought a great fight going hard all 5-round taking the fight to his opponent ” Bangkok Rules” style and winning the judges decision.

Khanit continued his win streak and added the Bangla Championship belt to his record as he beat the current champion over 5-round in the “fight of the night.” Both fighters went toe-to-toe for five rounds but it was Khanit that showed the better conditioning, and also weighed less than his opponent.