Congratulations to Brian Robertson and Nadia Kloster on being selected to compete during the Annual Queen’s Cup celebration held in honor of the Queen of Thailand’s birthday.

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand’s fighters appearance this year the Queen’s Cup Muay Thai event lasted 3 days and showcased the best foreign and domestic Thai fighters from all over the region.

Brian Robertson faced a very tough up and coming fighter from Jitti Gym, losing a 5 round decision in a bout that was fought in the rain! With the stage located outside, and the clouds over the sky, the rain started in the first round and continued the entire match. Brian showed his veteran-ship with a composed fighting style, however, the ring was a bit too wet for him to fully commit to several of his strikes, and leaving it in the judges hands he lost a very close bout.

Nadia Kloster faced Jerri from Rawai, it what was the third time the two have faced one another. Fighting to a DRAW the first time they competed, Nadia lost a decision in bout number 2. Looking to prove that hard work pays off, Nadia focused her training camp with Kru Ngoo and dominated all 3 rounds of her female bout, winning a decision on her televised fight.

Congratulations to Nadia and Brian, look for both to try and get on the King’s Cup event in December.