Special Thanks to journalist Joe Holroyd who did a special write up about “Muay Thai for Women” in the latest issue of Combat Magazine on sale now worldwide. Tiger Muay Thai is featured in good company with Fairtex Gym and Jungle as Women Muay Thai guests Alison Austin and Emily Holroyd went one-on-one with our Tiger Muay Thai Trainers. Pictures below are with Tiger Muay Thai trainer: Khunserk.


EMILY: I admired the dedication of the trainers and the
fighter/trainers on all the camps. I felt that on Tiger and
Fairtex, because they are proper camps the atmosphere was
great in terms of really getting stuck in with the training and
it is great that the accommodation is right there.

Overall, it was a great opportunity and experience for
me training in Thailand as it is a different martial art and is
more difficult to find over in England. in Thailand then?

ALISON: Although I felt more at ease at Jungle and Tiger…they really went in- depth on the technique. The other people who were train-like “girls” but are hardcore in terms of, if you slightly hurt  your foot or leg – for example doing a kick – they expect you to suck in the pain and continue which is good as this is what to expect when doing a martial art, whereas maybe in England the teacher may be like “you can stop now if you want…” I loved it!

Joe: Having traditionally been a spit n’ sawdust
‘fighters’ gym, they have, in recent years, recognized the
commercial logic in offering a more deluxe, Westernized set
of facilities and packages. Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand is one of the
biggest training camps for Westerners in Thailand and also
has a reputation for producing and recruiting champions to
its impressive roster of trainers.

Emily: In terms of rooms and the general layout I think Tiger gym was better.


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