It is a small community of Women’s MMA and Muay thai fighters that make up the world’s best. Tiger Muay thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand Claire Haigh is honored to be a part of that small community.

Ranked 3rd in the world in Muay Thai and 2-0 in MMA, Claire faces one of the biggest fights of here career as she faces Miriam Nakamoto, a former Tiger Muay Thai World Champion (capturing the World Title at the Queen’s Cup 5 years ago); Haigh and Nakamoto will meet in Dennis Warner’s WCK event in China later this month.

After that fight, Haigh will return to training with more big events on the horizon as she will be fighting in Taiwan biggest MMA event run by Emily Kwan, and then another fight for ESPN’s Martial Combat in Singapore.

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