Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training camp, upcoming Muay Thai and Mixed Martia Arts fights Worldwide:

July 8, 2010 @ Patong Thai Boxing Stadium
Watt (Tiger Muay Thai trainer / Fighter)
Pee (Tiger Muay Thai Fighter)
KoK (Tiger Muay Thai Fighter

July 9, 2010 @ Bangla Muay Thai Stadium
Brian (USA)
Simon (Tiger Muay Thai Fighter)

July 11 @ Bangla Muay Thai Stadium
Jimmy (Scotland)
Chris (Norway)

July 13 @ Bangla Muay Thai Stadium
Ronald (Brazil)
Ngoo (Tiger Muay Thai trainer / fighter)

July 15, 2010 @ Patong Thai Boxing Stadium
Danny (USA)
Said (Iran)

July 16-17, 2010 @ Martial Combat, Sentosa, Singapore (ESPN)
Ray Elbe (Martial Combat Championship MMA Superfight)
Ross Dallow ( Repping TMT on Martial Combat)
Claire Haigh (Tiger Muay Thai sponsored fighter)

July 19, 2010 @ Patong Thai Boxing stadium
Cyrus Washington (Tiger Muay Thai Sponsored Fighter)
Daniel Ketley (Tiger Muay thai sponsored fighter)