It has been a fast start to June with Tiger Muay Thai having fights on 5 of the first 7 days of June going 9-2 overal and scoring 6 Ko’s and three wins on points and losing 2 fights on points at Stadiums in Patong, Phuket, Thailand June 1-7, 2010.

Nazee and Jimmy started the KO show on June 1 @ bangla Thai Boxing Stadium as nazee scored a 2nd round KO with a big combination and Jimmy pushed his record to 3-0 with a 3rd round KO.

On June 2nd, Long-time TMT fighter Mike St. Claire scored a BIG KO over a highly experienced Thai boxer. Mike had the edge in weight but was short on experience compared to his Muay Thai opponent. Knowing he needed a KO, Mike scored a hard straight punch to the chin dropping his opponent, while Charlie, in his first Muay Thai fight looked good scoring a 2nd round KO.

On June 3rd Tiger Muay Thai and MMA, Phuket, Thailand fighters went 1-1 as KoK took on bigger and more experienced fighter but won a hard fight on points while TMT trainer lost a 5-round decision on points.

At Patong Muay Thai Stadium on June 4th, it was Raphael scoring a nice first round KO using boxing skills to set up his opponent and then land an uppercut elbow followed by by a slashing elbow that put his opponent out for the TKO. Daniel, nursing injuries and illness decided to keep his fight and lost a decision over 5-rounds.

On June 6, Tiger Muay Thai and MMA fighters went a perfect 3-0 at Patong Thai Boxing stadium as Chris won a hard fought battle on points over 5-rounds. James moved to 2-0 with a 2nd round KO and watt put on the “Fight of the Night” as he used excellent technique and ring savvy to KO an younger and stronger fighter in the 3rd round.

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