After witnessing Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Phuket go 2-0 during the previous Rising Star MMA promotion held in Pattaya Tiger Muay Thai has agreed to a 6 fight deal with the promotion. Rising Star MMA is promoted by Bobby Gerrits and Nick Knight in conjunction with Muay Thai legend and Fight Girl producer Master Toddy.

The events will be held on Saturday’s and will run July 30th, Sept. 3rd, Oct 1st, and Nov.5th. Fighters wanting to compete in this event will need to be present in Thailand. The promoter is willing to provide a local travel and housing budget in addition to an appearance fee, and the opportunity to compete for a win bonus. Fight purses will be similar to local Muay Thai bouts.

**If your interested in competing for Tiger Muay Thai…all the events will be held on a Saturday and will run July 30th, Sept. 3rd, Oct 1st, and nov5th.** schedule your flights around those times and we will work as closely with the matchmaker in an attempt to get you a bout. These fights will be entry level professional fights, but are on par with fight purses paid for full rules Muay Thai bouts within Thailand.

Email Competition Director and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Ray Elbe if you are interested in representing Tiger Muay Thai during these televised MMA bouts. Please include details on your Submission Grappling, Wrestling, and Striking experience. Please attach any available videos in your email. If you are already at the camp and would like to see the possibilities of fighting, see one of the MMA coaches directly.