After taking 2nd place in the all-around (No Gi) competition at the 2009 FBT Bangkok Grappling Games, Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand sponsored 3 amateur MMA fights for the enetertainment of all the competitors of the tournament in Bangkok.

1. Tobia Seifert (Switzerland) vs Gabriel Huang (Singapore) Amateur MMA in Bangkok Thailand.


Tobia won his fight via armbar in round 2 as he showed he has grappling skills in his MMA game.

2. Tea Ferasse (China) Vs. Ricky Musgrave (USA) Amateur MMA fight in BKK Thailand


Ricky wins a unanimous decision working his ground game hard obtainging good position and striking from the top. Excellent fight.

3. Ngoo Ditty (Thailand) vs Xavier Mahdavian (Canada ) Amateur MMA 2009


In a rematch of last years closely contested fight, Ngoo Ditty rematches Xavier Mahdavian. Ngoo shows what one-year of working and training in the MMA program can do as he dominates the fight from beginning to end.

All the photos of the smoker fights and BJJ matches can be seen on FIGHTINGTHAI.COM