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Tiger Muay Thai and MMA fighters claw a 5-0 record over two nights Phuket, thailand


Tiger Muay Thai and and MMA training camp fighters, Phuket, Thailand scored three KO’s and two points wins over two nights of fights at Bangla and patong Thai boxing stadiums on August 4th and 6th, 2010.

Klaus scored a KO on the 4th in his first fight for TMT while Phalangphet won a hard fought victory on points over 5-rounds.

Klaus showed good form dropping his opponent in the 3rd round.

On August 6th, Micah and Jaden both scored KO’s in their fights, while Simon continued his winning streak with another points victory at Patong Thai Boxing stadium.

Micah, who has been training hard in the Advanced Muay Thai ring scored a vicious first round KO while jaden took his opponent dow in the 4th round.

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