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Tiger Muay Thai alumni and Swedish Grappling Champion Mats Nilsson looks to move up the European rankings


Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand alumni Mats Nilsson is a very accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt from Helsinborg, Sweden who just recently won the FILA World Grappling Championships at 84 kilos. Competing in MMA he has earned a 5-1-1 professional record and is considered a UFC Prospect when the Ultimate Fighting Championships head to Sweden later in 2011.

Looking to continue establishing himself as one of the top European MMA prospects currently not signed to a major organization, Mats will be facing #1 ranked German Middleweight Gregor Herb February 26th. After an extended training trip at Tiger Muay Thai, Mats will look to showcase his striking in a bout against two of the top grappling prospects in Europe.

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