Team MMA Thailand fighters in association with Bangkok Fight Club are heading to Russia for the 2nd year as Chad Hamzeh, Wiktor Svensson, Cyrus Washington and WMC Muay Thai World Champion, Berneung (making his MMA debut) in Mixed Martial Arts Event: Khabarovsk Russia, Governors Cup 2008.

MMA has become quite popular in Russia, known for Sambo style of martial arts fighting. Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp fighters will be in front of a crowd of 5000+ screaming fans and broadcast across Russia on TV networks to millions of viewers.

Andreas Hessleback, assistant trainer at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, prepared a special entry video and music for the fighters walk to the ring. Ray has shown Berneung, replacing Andy Gooch with an injury at last  moment, some basic ground moves if he gets taken down. However, you can expect Berneung to come out Muay Thai style looking to elbow or drop his opponent with his vicious striking skills.

Cyrus is fighting a Sanda match in the main event which is similar to Muay Thai where fighters will be stood back up after any take down. Chad, Wiktor, and Berneung are competing in “Russian Rules” MMA which allows only 15 seconds on ground before being stood back up.

Good luck to Team MMA Thailand