America and rest of the world are using BJJ, submission grappling, wrestling, and other Martial Arts for MMA skills. Brazilian’s using BJJ, the Martial Art of their country brought to the forefront by the Gracie family. But for striking, other than boxing, people are looking to SE. Asia and the Kingdom of Thailand and their National sport: Muay Thai.

In the sports pages featured article in Phuket Gazette, Ngoo Ditty was featured fighter doing an “amateur” MMA fight as part of the 2008 FBT Thailand Open BJJ and Submission Grappling Tournament on September 27-28, 2008.

Here is the article featuring Ngoo. In last weeks Russian MMA event, WMC World Muay Thai Champion Berneung went 3 round with Russian Champion. While losing the fight on points in front of 5000+ hostile and screaming Russian fans, Berneung showed skills on the ground escaping a leg lock and even obtaining the mount position; this after only spending a little more than an hour learning BJJ with head coach Ray Elbe of Team MMA Thailand. The UFC and the rest of the world needs to pay attention. Here comes Thailand using Muay Thai skills and newly learned BJJ.


For pics of the Muay thai fight and BJJ tournament see