Jason Saggo @ NeverTap 2 AsiaNevertap Asia results.

Nevertap Asia presented by Six Deuce Clothing was held this past weekend at the Tiger Muay Thai training facility in Phuket Thailand.  Over 50 competitors competed representing teams from all over the world.  Highlights of the event included;
*2004 Judo Olympian Sophie Cox won the female bracket
*Chiang Mai MMA instructor, and Royler Gracie black belt Pedro “BB” Schmall captured gold in the LHW division
* Ryuma Kaise of BKK BJJ and Wictor Dahlstrom of Legacy gym showcased one of the most exciting matches of the afternoon in the LW bracket.
*Tiger Muay Thai 17 medals taking top team honors
For pictures of the event please check out www.fightingthai.com
Matches will be uploaded onto www.nevertap.asia shortly

Full results

Female Division
1. Sophie Cox (Phuket Martial Arts)
2. Kitty Teppo (Tiger Muay Thai)


1. Niti Techottiasnee (BKK BJJ- EMAC)
2. Tobias Seifert (Tiger Muay Thai)
3.Mark Rowlett (Tiger Muay Thai-Koncept)

1. Ryuma Kaise (BKK BJJ-EMAC)
2. Luke Delaveris (Tiger Muay Thai)
3. Wiktor Dahlstrom (Legacy Gym)

1.Krysztof Hajtalowicz (Chiang Mai MMA)
2.Aladin Ganguin (Tiger Muay Thai- BTT Geneva)
3. Chris Cape (Tiger Muay Thai- Sityodtong Boston)

1.Martin Lavin (BKK BJJ- Emac)
2. Per Egil Vardal (Tiger Muay Thai)
3. Leigh Allwood (Tiger Muay Thai)

1. Pedro “BB” Schmall (Chiang Mai MMA)
2. Markus Sundman (Tiger Muay Thai)
3. Wiktor Svennson (Tiger Muay Thai)

1. Javier Rodriquez (Tiger Muay Thai)

1. Zach Thumb (Tiger Muay Thai- Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts)
2. James Robb (Tiger Muay Thai)

1. Chris Cape (Tiger Muay Thai- Sityodtong Boston)
2. Javier Rodriguez (Tiger Muay Thai)
3. Zach Thumb (Tiger Muay Thai- Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts)
3. Leigh Allwood (Tiger Muay Thai)