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Interview with Alan “The Talent” Belcher (UFC veteran MMA Fighter)


This is an interview TMT conducted with 6-time UFC veteran MMA fighter Alan “The Talent” Belcher of REMIX MMA from Biloxi, Mississippi, USA. Alan, 12-5 in MMA, has spent the last month training Muay Thai and MMA @ TMT to prepare for his upcoming fight with Ed Herrman.

TMT: You are already known as a strong striker, what made you want to work on your Muay Thai?

Alan: I wanted to improve even more and I believe Thailand was the best place to improve.

TMT: How does Muay Thai training at TMT differ from training in the states?

Alan: Here at TMT is all professional Muay Thai training and strong repetition that is necessary that is amazing training.

TMT: Is there any specific technique or attack you wanted to polish while at the camp?

Alan: Muay Thai clinch. I really improved my throws and overall clinch game working with Robert, Kay, and Prathet (TMT Trainers)

TMT: Who were your favorite trainers?

Alan: I really liked working with Robert and Prathet. (TMT is sending Prathet to USA to train with Alan in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA)

TMT: How do you like Phuket and training in the tropics?

Alan: Biloxi is not too hot, and we are used to training inside. It is absolutely beautiful here. (Alan did not find it hard to cut weight in the tropics)

TMT: Head MMA trainer, Ray Elbe designed a training program for you for Muay thai and MMA. How was that?

Alan: That worked very well. Ray’s program was professional and tough and really detailed for y upcoming fight.

TMT: Can you tell us about your gym in USA? What motivates you to fight?

Alan: My gym is really growing. I am getting new fighters and trainers all the time. I fight for the fun of it now having fought so many times.

TMT: Were you surprised to see such a good group of grapplers training in Thailand @ TMT?

Alan: Very surprised. Top level grapplers. Tony Eduardo helped my game and Ray is a skilled and technical in his ground game.

TMT: How are the training facilities compared to the states and what you expected?

Alan: Definitely up to par. I expected a dirt floor, but TMT has a 5-star facility.

TMT: Who are your main training partners back home?

Alan: Back home I train with Chad Jay, Tony Roberts, Pat Garry, and Red Schafer.

TMT: When will you be headed back to TMT?

Alan: I hope to have my guy here by end of the year, and be back myself.

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