As Georges St. Pierre graced the rings and mats of Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp Phuket, Thailand, a film crew followed him around, capturing every minutiae of the UFC champion’s interactions. It’s been two full years since the crew started – filming bits and pieces as the story of one of the most recognizable names in the fight world took shape.

“The DNA of GSP” is a feature documentary that will be released in theaters across the globe. Filming began two years ago – through his rehabilitation from a torn ACL in Los Angeles to his successful title defenses against Carlos Condit and, most recently, Nick Diaz. The film will show GSP’s character, his training, and his life as not just a UFC champion, but a martial artist and human being.

St. Pierre worked with Tiger Muay Thai trainers Kru Yod and Kru Lamsongkran in preparation for both title defenses that will appear in the film (Condit and Diaz, respectively).

“Georges invited us out here and we thought it would be interesting in terms of visuals,” the film’s Director, Peter Svatek, says, ” ‘The DNA of GSP’ is a real three-dimensional portrait of the man and his life. It’s been interesting getting to know him. He’s a fascinating human being.”

Working with the UFC as well as nature photographers from the BBC, the film will incorporate special effects, slow motion shots of GSP’s fights, and his everyday interactions with his inner circle.

“Georges calls himself a lone wolf. We are Going to intercut some of this wolf fighting footage with the UFC footage and it should be quite special,” Svatek, who has directed 23 films, documentaries, and TV shows in his 42-year career.

Both based out of Montreal, Canada, Svatek first met GSP through mutual friends. In time, Svatek would eventually pitch the idea of doing a documentary to St. Pierre and his management team.

“As I began to learn more about Georges, I found him to be a unique individual,” Svatek says, “his dedication, his hard work, his good heart. It makes him verys pecial in the world that he lives in and I think a film about him would be fascinating.”

Svatek says the film will be unlike any other MMA documentary with the use of special effects, slow motion shots, and the portrait-like narrative of the current UFC Welterweight Champion.

“Georges is a real thinking fighter, he has very clear ideas on strategy and even the mental approach to the game. We’re going to visualize that with some very sophistiacted film effects,” Svatek says.

The film is a collaboration between three production companies: Triplex, Jimmy Lee, and Upside Up.

Please enjoy our video and photos of GSP at Tiger Muay Thai:

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