One of Norways most popular TV shows on channel-2-norwayChannel 2 “God Kveld Norge” or Good Evening Norway has been at the Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand this last week filming a special on Kimberly Larson training Muay Thai and “toughening up” at the camp for technique and fitness on a special on Thailand.

It would have been nice for Phuket and Bangkok Muay Thai Champion and Tiger Muay Thai and MMA fighter Veronika Lundemo from Norway to have been here as she has been an inspiration to Norwegian female Muaythai / Thai Boxing fighters for years and a strong representitive of the training camp. Veronika is one of the most recognized Norwegian fighters in Thailand.

Tiger Muay Thai fans in Norway will look forward to seeing the show and how Kimberly does in training in Thailand’s national sport and with Tiger Muay Thai instructors.