I always believe throughout my entire life that one need to dream and set goals to achieve in our very short life.

Someone with no directions is like a driftwood floating and letting the tide takes you wherever you may land.. I have lived a full life and I have always encouraged my two sons to pursue their dreams. My oldest son’s dream was to be the best he could be as a fighter and as a person. As a father, I believe it is my job and duty to help him achieve that dream.

My son did a search on Google…and came up with many training places in Thailand. As my son was interested in MMA, Tiger Muay Thai was the first choice to come to.

Yes we have spend 3 months at Tiger Muay Thai and has never looked back. My sons skilled has improved by leaps and bounds. The great trainers at TIGER are very encouraging and supportive. And yes my son loved it so much and as a supporting dad , I have encouraged him to go back to tiger to train for a year. Will E has been very helpful with. Thanks Will.

I believe at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA ” A young man’s dream can become a reality”. Any young man will aspiration to be a better fighter should give Tiger Muay Thai a go! You will not only improved your skills but will grow and mature as a person. Chase that dream! You just have to do the hard yard!