chantal-boxingTiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp fighter, Chantal Ughi, the reigning WPMF, Patong, and bangla Champion defeated Lindsey (rawai) over 5-round at Patong Stadium on the evening of March 30, 2009, Phuket, Thailand.

In the long awaited fight, Lindsey showed up at least two weight divisions above Chantal (10+ kg) for the fight, but Chantal, a real Muay Thai fighter and champion shrugged off the weight disadvantage and used her speed, superior technique, and desire to battle her tough opponent.

chantal-championAfter showing her boxing skills and peppering Lindsey in the first round, Chantal landed a clean tip kick to the chest that popped out Lindsey’s mouthpiece. Using her weight advantage, Lindsey leaned on Chantal for most of the fight trying to knee, but poor technique and her size led to her being warned by referee for fouling Chantal with knees to the groin.

In the later rounds, Chantal used her boxing scoring several jabs and uppercuts and her machine-gun clinch outscoring Lindsey 2;1 with knee strikes. Then in the 5th and most important round put Lindsey on the mat with a perfect tip kick and then ended the fight with a flying knee to Lindsey’s chest.

Lindsey drops to an average 5-4 while Chantal moves to 10-0 and will be fighting internationalt for the WMC and IMF World titles and then a sanctioned fight in the WBC and much bigger paydays, including a rematch against King’s Cup opponent Carly (Australia), and several other of the worls top female Muay Thai fighters.