dsc_7528It was an exciting a long night for Tiger Muay Thai fighters Chantal, Veronica, and Cyrus. Starting at 7:00 p.m. the fighters had to spend more than 6 hours waiting for their fights and continuous organizational problems making fighters go to the ring and then back to the makeshift area for fighters. It was hard, but ask any of us, it was worth every hard minute.

Chantal dominates in the clinch

Chantal captured the the WPMF World Championship with a fantaxtic fight against a worthy opponent in Karlee from Australia. Chantal developed a game plan against her bigger an stronger opponen with Ajarn Dang and Ajarn Kay and executed it to perfection. Saving her strength for the 4th and 5th rounds, Chantal shifted into high gear and started scoring strong knee strikes and pulling her opponents head down for knee strikes in the clinch.

Chantal: WPMF Womens World Champion

What Chantal really showed was the “Eye of the Tiger”  as she rose up to the challenge of her rival and began to dominate the 4th and 5h rounds. The crowd roared as Chantal scored knee after knee strike in true Muay thai form using the clinch in the final minutes to win the title.

Cyrus scores jumping Elbow

In the first fight of the evening, Cyrus, pulled from the ring, and then made to wait as TV took over the event, returned to the ring 2 hours later. In the first round Cyrus seemed to take control and used a jumping elbow topen a huge cut to his opponents head, (Brett from Australia).

Cyrus scores Muay Thai Leg Kick

But the Aussie showed heart and fought on with good technique and Cyrus’ unique style of Muay thai combined with Jeet koon Do, which is spectacular to watch, and made Cyrus a You Tube favorite, couldn’t put the strong ausie down and Cyrus, exhausted collapsed in the corner late in 4th round.

Brett (The winner) gets stitches following fight

Good fight. Congratulations to both fighters. Brett showed a lot of heart as many fighters would have stopped the fight after sustaining a cut that bad to the top of the head.

Veronica scores with leg kick

Veronica, having her opponent changed again, fought well aginst the hometown favorite. The fight was changed to 4 rounds and two minutes per round, which hurt Veronica who is known for her stamina.

A full 5-round 3 minute per round fight was what we were expecting, but roll with the punches. Veronica fought a close fight as her opponent, had no KO power and looked for the points win dropping her hands and walking away from veronica throughout the fight. Veronica looked good, but failed to find her ring saavy and balance and lost a close fight on points.

Veronica comes close to KO head kick

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training Camp would like to Thank all the fighters: Chantal, Veronica, and Cyrus, as TMT was the gym with the most fighters @ the King’s Cup that night. Note: Barring injury, Jonny Betts would have been on the fight card).

I would also like to Thank Ajarn Dang, Ajarn Kay, and TMT Training manager Phet for their hard work and preparing and organizing the event.