Sun. 15th Jul. 2018

Tiger Muay Thai 2018 Fight Team Tryouts Preview

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Last month we held the 2018 Tiger Muay Thai Fight Team Tryouts, and it was one of the best Tryouts in our history! 32 men and women traveled here from all over the world to go through a week of martial trials with the goal of earning a spot on our fully sponsored fight team. Take a sneak peek...
Tue. 3rd Jul. 2018

Announcing the Winners of the TMT Fight Team Tryouts 2018

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Following a week of intense trials that tested the participants physical fitness, martial skills and mental toughness, the 7 winners of the 2018 Tiger Muay Thai Tryouts were announced last Saturday night at BBQ Beatdown 119. Welcome to the team Quitin Thomas, Eduard Mikhovich, Farida Okiko,...
Thu. 28th Jun. 2018

The 2018 Tiger Muay Thai Fight Team Tryouts is under way!

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Day 3 of the 2018 Fight Team Tryouts started with a brutal hill run up to Big Buddha this morning. Next up is a hard Muay Thai pad & sparring session that will push the candidates to their limits. Stay tuned for more...
Fri. 1st Jun. 2018

Return of the Tiger Muay Thai Fight Team Tryouts!

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The end of this month sees the long awaited return of the Tiger Muay Thai Fight Team Tryouts! Over 30 applicants will travel here to Phuket island, Thailand to take part in 5 days of rigorous mental and physical challenges to determine who will win a 1 year scholarship with us (consisting of...