BJJ fans from all over Thailand flocked to Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Phuket for an exclusive seminar with World Champion BJJ Blackbelt Jeff Glover.

The accomplished grappler was on hand to take attendees through the techniques and skillset that have made him one of the most studied and successful fighters in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Jeff, currently on a tour of South East Asia sees Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Phuket as a natural home for BJJ in the region.

“Tiger has blown my mind. The people, the dorms, the grill. It’s one of the best gyms i’ve ever been to and a serious contender for the best in the world”

Encouraged by the tropical surroundings, the 29 year old 2 x Pan American champion feels that there is no better place to train than at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA.

“I love training outdoors. I’m training and i’m looking at coconut trees. It’s an organic experience”

Glover is enjoying his transition from fighter to trainer and taking his infamous seminars around the globe is a dream come true for the young veteran, now in his 13th year as a seasoned BJJ grappler.

“I wake up every morning and feel like i’m one of the top 10 happiest guys in the world. Teaching. Somewhere out there there is a kid who has the ability to change the game and it’s down to experience guys like me to give them to skills to do it. If I can be world champion, anyone can be”

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Phuket wishes to thank Jeff Glover on behalf of all the guests and staff for a very successful seminar.