What are the benefits of lemon?

Did you know that lemon is one of the most healthy foods you can add to your nutrition plan that will kick start your fitness goals into high gear?

The reason is that lemon is a very alkaline forming food. Most would assume lemons are acidic being a citrus fruit, and they are half right. When the body metabolizes the fruit and the minerals are pushed into the blood stream it raises the PH level of the body creating a more alkaline environment.

Lets check out some of the ways you can benefit from lemons

  1. Boost your immune system
  2. Helps you lose weight
  3. Reduces inflammation
  4. Dissolve kidney stones and calcium deposits
  5. Has 22 anti-cancer compounds
  6. Cleanse your system
  7. Promotes healing
  8. Energizes and enhances your mood
  9. Anti-bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties
  10. Treats high blood pressure
  11. Balance your bodies PH level
  12. Potassium maintains healthy nerve and brain cells
  13. Prevents formation of acne and wrinkles
  14. Helps replenish healthy body salts after workouts
  15. Freshens your breath
  16. Strengthens your blood vessels


A Little history of the Lemon

Lemons are thought to have originated from either China or India, the reason for the confusion is that its been cultivated in those regions for the last 2,500 years. Originally developed as a cross between the lime and the citron. As much trade was introduced, the lemon was brought to Europe during the 11th century by Arabs who traded them in Spain. So many centuries later Christopher Columbus, on his second voyage to the New World in 1493, brought them with him and have been grown in areas like Florida since the 16th century.

Around the time of the 19th century lemons were really taking hold in a holistic sense among miners and developers of the California Gold Rush to protect against the onset of Scurvy. This being the high vitamin C content of the fruit that acts as a protector of health. One of many benefits of lemon.

Boost your immune system

Every day your immune system is defending your body against microorganisms and germs. One way lemon helps with this process is by replenishing fluids lost during a fever in the production of mucus. Although the jury is still out on the full effect vitamin c has on your immune system, countless studies have been conducted shoring the enhancing effects vitamin c concentrations have on our bodies as well as celular protective qualities. The average lemon contains 18.6 milligrams of vitamin c. More then enough to keep germs and colds at bay.

Helps you lose weight

Hunger pains? We all have them. Some of us reduce them with healthy snacks and others with trips to the vending machine. Before you start digging through your purse or wallet for coins, drink a squeeze of lemon. The pectin fiber alone will reduce your appetite and is a much healthier alternative.

Reduces inflamation

As we discussed before, lemons are an acidic fruit. But when our body breaks down the nutrients and they enter our blood stream the effect it has is increasing our PH Level making it more alkaline. Which in turn reduces inflammation. This will also reduce the uric acid in our joints. Try some of this in your post workout drink.

Dissolve kidney stones and calcium deposits

Depending on which science journal you are reading with what new study you could end up on either side of the fence in this discussion. But what all scientist agree upon is that Vitamin C does in fact improve kidney health. Lemon Juice contains high levels of citric acid which contributes to reducing the development of calcium oxalate stones. This will also reduce urine acidity thus reducing incidence where stones develop.

Has 22 anti-cancer compounds

Lemons contain Limonene, Citrus Pectin and Flavonol Glycosides which stop cell division in cancer cells. The highest concentration of these being in the lemon peel. So don’t be so quick to throw away the peel. I am going to give you a wonderful cooking tip. Take a cheese grater and the lemon and grind off the peel. That will create a zest for your pastas or chicken dishes that you will love. Not to mention will be good for you!

Cleanse your system

We have all heard it, the lemonade diet or the master cleanse. Or perhaps we read about some celebrity who lost half his/her body weight doing such a cleanse. The reason for this effect is the increase in enzyme function that improves in the liver as a result of drinking lemons.

Promotes healing

Everything from liver and kidney function, cellular function, blood circulation, lemon has huge healing potential. As we discuss more into concepts like alkaline diets and healthy eating you will see why lemon is a staple in most of these health trends.

Energizes and enhances your mood

We discussed enzymes earlier but lets discuss negative ions. Have you ever gone to the beach and just being near the waves crashing set you into a positive mood? Ever wonder why that is. Negative Ions. As they interact with the enzymes in your digestive tract that come with more energy then is necessary to digest them. Leaving you energized and in an empowered mood.

Anti-bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties

In today’s medical world this is a great concern. Especially when we begin to consider the looming fact that antibiotics are beginning to not take effect on many microorganisms. Well don’t worry too much, the biologically active compounds found in lemons such as flavanones will trump most anything the pharmaceutical industries can develop.

Treats high blood pressure

It is commonly known that potassium is vital in controlling blood pressure. But banana’s are not the only thing nature provides with an ample amount of potassium. It is also great for controlling dizzy spells and nausea.

Balance your bodies PH level

What we have learned today is that outside the body lemons are acidic, meaning they have a PH Level of below 7. But once processed through our digestive system and the minerals disassociate in our blood stream they have an alkaline effect, which means the ph level has risen above 7. Why is this important? Similar to the foods we eat our tissue, organs and even blood breaks down much faster in acidic environments. The more alkaline you are the longer you are likely to live and the better quality you will get out of that life I am sure.

Potassium maintains healthy nerve and brain cells

Potassium is awesome! For those unfamiliar with what it can offer lets skim over some of the benefits; relief from stroke, blood pressure, heart and kidney disorders, anxiety and stress, enhance muscle strength, metabolism, water balance, electrolytic function and nervous system. Sounds like a winning mineral to me.

Prevents formation of acne and wrinkles

We discussed earlier the effect tissue has in an acidic environment, the same goes for ones face. Alkaline the tissue and the appearance of the skin will glow!

Helps replenish healthy body salts after workouts

When you sweat your body loses water but it also loses salt or electrolytes. Drinking just normal water will not replenish this. You need something a little extra. Lemon is a great go to!

Freshens your breath

We all love acidic food and too often it is abundant in supply. Drinking lemon will help to neutralize the after effects of much of this food as well as offer a solution to whitening our teeth.

Strengthens your blood vessels

Citris Bioflavonoids are a natural pigment found in citrus fruit. Since they are antioxidants they can prevent cholesterol, high blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attack by preventing excess blood clot formation.

I hope you found this article on the benefits of lemon helpful

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