how to lose belly fat

Struggling with how to lose belly fat? One often overlooked method is outstanding for battling that stubborn midsection as well as other trouble areas. Lets take a look at LISS Cardio.


LISS Cardio, otherwise known as Low Intensity Steady State Cardio, is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise that is perfect for lowering body fat while not compromising muscle mass. This is perfect for fitness models, athletes, bodybuilders and anyone looking to trim down while remaining stacked. LISS training is an essential tool when learning how to lose belly fat. By keeping the intensity low on any number of exercises your muscles are spared as they are not as heavily engaged in activity. In the search for energy your body is inspired to burn up stored fat. This is often done twice a week or more for anywhere between 30-60 mins.


When looking at how to lose belly fat using LISS training, the important thing is when to optimize timing for LISS. The best time to use this form of training is when Glycogen stores are already low. So long as heart rate is within range of 65%-75% intensity, your body will rid itself of the unwanted stored fat. The important thing is to ensure your body is in a fasted state. If you have food in your digestion, your body will go to burn that first. So if you have had carbohydrates you might want to wait a few hours before engaging in the exercise.


LISS training (low intensity) vs HIIT training (High Intensity). LISS training is meant to be easier on the body, joints and tendons. Its a great way to get in a calorie burn without adding too much pressure on your body. Not to say that HIIT training isn’t effective. HIIT training is wonderful for raising your metabolism which likely could result in a calorie deficit. Where as LISS training is designed to use fat during the actual exercise without any after burn effect. Many prefer to do LISS training on days where weight training exercise is being performed and HIIT training on other days. LISS for extra fat burn, HIIT for cardiovascular intensity and anaerobic athletic training. Either is great for mitochondrial biogenesis which increases muscle oxidative capacity and increases max oxygen uptake. These also allow for a max fat oxidation rate. Ultimately LISS training might be better suited for creating a larger calorie deficit for fat loss and ideal for anyone in active recovery or reduction in potential injuries. Keep in mind though that cardio is not going to solve all your mid section problems. There are many studies that show weight lifting is far more superior for fat loss and body compositional changes.


  • Cross training/elliptical machine
  • stair master/stepper
  • rowing machine
  • swimming
  • walking or jogging on treadmill or outside

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