How are you ever going to win the game if you don’t know how to score goals?

Have you ever sat down and pondered, maybe even put into the physical world your goals such as writing them down? Do you know the power you have in clearly defining what it is you want in this life?

We all set our bodies and minds in motion for different reasons. Maybe its to create certainty in our lives, or maybe to mix things up a bit. But action without purpose is like paddling rigorously on one side of the boat. You may just find you end up going in circles.


Well simply put it is a point of destination to which you would like to obtain. But before you go too deeply into heading down the path of this goal, perhaps we should check in on a few things to make sure this is a goal worth pursuing.

First of all, are you following your bliss?

Life is short and as i have often heard you should not leave this life with music still in your heart. So ask yourself, is this your game or theirs that you are playing?

If you have discovered that the goals you have set are indeed aligned with your own passion, then lets look at a few other angles.

Is this goal good for you, is it good for others? Will you become a better person and will you serve better those around you by fulfilling these goals?

Now that you know you have a clear defined goal that will empower you, lets look at some ways you can support and meet your goal.


Take a moment, look around you. Are you surrounded by people with either similar goals or those willing to support you in your efforts to obtain yours? How can you add to this environment and inspire this sort of positive interaction?

If you find yourself in such an environment, embrace it. Drink it in. In life it isn’t always this way where you find yourself in the calmness of the sea. Usually there are waves of distractions washing over you and you must fight against the current. If you are not in such an environment, look at the possibility of how this statement might apply to you; if life isn’t adding up, start subtracting. Are there negative influences in your life you could do without? Maybe even friendships that seem more of a challenge in the life you are trying to carve out for yourself?


Be good to yourself, always. When you get knocked down, catch your breath then get back up. Keep fighting.

Thomas Edison, famous inventor and businessman tried 1,000 times to invent the light bulb. My guess is that if he did not get the desired result on the 1,000th try he would have moved on to 1001.

In life, everything is a learning experience. But to get the most out of the experience you must take responsibility wherever possible. Even if the result is not desired. The moment you start to shape a world where you are not in control and you do not shape your destiny, you become a victim. So claim what happens, learn from it and figure out the best possible method of improving upon that situation to carry you closer to your goals.


Well how can you commit to a goal when it is something you have no certainty of achieving? Get confident. Believe in yourself and make it known. Shout it out if you have to.

Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian, makes it a point to write one joke a day. As he does so he has a calendar with which each day he achieves his goal of doing so he places an x over that day. The longer the chain of x’s the harder it is to break. This is a great way to make a habit of achieving your goals.


A goal is just a decision until you take action. By putting something into motion you have taken that first step towards achieving it. When you make a decision, be it to lose weight, or gain muscle or whatever goals you have set ask yourself; have I put this in motion? If not then do so. Procrastination kills.


Career and money are not everything in life. It took me a long time to realize this and sadly those years I can never get back. Do not alienate those that care most for you. We all want to make it to the finish line of whatever goals we have set but we want to do so surrounded by the people we love.

Also, be spontaneous. Take risks in life. This is what is going to create results. Those that too often remind you to be reasonable or realistic are the type of people that spend their days chasing down someone else’s dreams, another persons goals. Don’t be that person, be unique. Be daring.

And be grateful. Nothing in life is certain. When you emulate gratitude to others it will attract more for you to be grateful of. So with each step towards your goal, pause for a moment and look around you. Appreciate what it took to get you where you are today.

I hope you found this article on know your goals helpful

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