Training for Weight-Loss at Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand

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"Tiger Muay Thais Fitness and Weight-Loss Training Program is uniquely designed to help you burn the maximum amount of fat. With a dedicated team of Fitness Professionals that will help you blast away that unwanted extra weight!"

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA is one of Asia’s premiere weight-loss destinations. Our dedicated team of fitness professionals will support and lead you and can help blast away that unwanted fat and get you in the best shape of your life.

Whether it’s through Muay Thai, MMA, Western Boxing or any of our countless fitness classes, we provide the ideal environment for unearthing the strength and fitness you never knew you possessed.

BodyFit Bootcamp Beach Training at Nai Harn Beach

BodyFit Bootcamp Beach Training at Nai Harn Beach

Tiger’s fitness and weight-loss training program is uniquely designed to help you burn the maximum amount of fat. The average day in our fitness system may begin with an intense 7 A.M. session of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. After a quick thirty-minute break, you’ll find yourself drenched in sweat during the 8:30 A.M. BodyFit class. After two solid hours of work, you’ve earned a few hours off to help assist with muscle recovery. A swim and a visit to the steam room will help to relax, improve blood flow and cleanse your skin.

After a healthy lunch, you can join in one of our Cross Training or Strength and Conditioning sessions. The range of classes and the coaching advice for alternate exercises within the classes ensures that you are able to participate and get the maximum benefits out of our training regardless of your current physical

Tiger Muay Thai's Cross-Training Session

Tiger Muay Thai’s Cross-Training Session

Don’t think you’re limited to only the fitness classes. With Tiger’s All-Inclusive package, you’re also free to explore Tiger’s vast catalog of other classes including MMA, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, BJJ, Self Defense and the ancient Thai fighting styles of Krabi Krabong and Muay Boran.

Eating healthy just got easy with Tigers Meal Plan!

Eating healthy just got easy with Tigers Meal Plan!

Tiger’s fitness and weight-loss program isn’t just about training. If you don’t have the right fuel in your system, you won’t be able to hit your full training potential. The Tiger Grill offers a full menu of healthy weight-loss options including a great variety of fresh vegetables, locally sourced fruits, lean meats and a variety of super-food supplements. Don’t forget to sign up for the Prepaid Meal Vouchers.

Visit Weightloss Thailand to read our countless guest testimonials and interviews. You’ll be shocked and inspired by some of the incredible transformations that have been achieved at Tiger Muay Thai.


"This is it! Food, Accommodation, Supplements, Group Training, Consultation and Private 1-on-1 sessions. Everything you need to get you going on your weight-loss journey bundled together in a convenient and discounted package!"

We will house you in one of our “Standard Accommodation” either on-site or at one of our nearby accommodation partners (upgrade possibility to premium accommodation here). You’ll get “All-Inclusive Training” access, which means you can train in all and everyone of the classes we offer and also freely use our weight & fitness room.

Eat at our camp using the “pre-paid meal vouchers” provided with the program to ensure you are consuming quality, fresh ingredients which compliment your training.

We’ve also put together a supplement pack to maximize your metabolism and results as a compliment to the food. A 1-month packages includes 1.8 kg tub of Muscelpharm Whey Protein, Zink Matrix (100x capsules) and Green Tea Extract (100x capsules).

Prior to beginning your program, you will meet with our dietitian and fitness coach who will guide you through your training and nutrition throughout the course of your stay. In additional to access to ALL of our group sessions, you’ll also receive 12 one-on-one private sessions (3 per week), which can be used for a diet consultation and private fitness sessions with our trainers

Price: from 23,100 THB

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Whether it’s 5 KGs or 100 KGs, we can help you achieve your weight loss goals!
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