Fight Name: Phaitoon Phongjeen
Fight Record: 300+ fights
Titles: 5x Muay Thai Champion at Stadiums from Bangkok to Hat

Mr. Phaitoon Phongjeen aka “Moo” is a respected members of the Tiger Muay thai training team. Moo is known for his hard tempered disposition and being hard on his students.

He loves his national Sport and take teaching it seriously as many former guests know after training with him.

From the Nakorn Sri Thammarat Province of Thailand, Moo is a 5 X Muay Thai Champion at stadiums from Bangkok to Hat Yai. With more then 300 fights under his belt winning 70% of them, MOO comes from a family of Muay thai fighters with brothers owning Lumpinee and Rajadamnoen titles as well, and his father a former Champion.

Moo comes from a the teachings of Ajarn Pratun Rattanphan, a Master Muay Thai instuctor of multiple Thai champions. Moo, wen not training is a family man enjoys southern Thai food and music.