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At Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand, we believe you should be able to pay the same training prices for Muay Thai as you would anywhere else in Thailand, so we keep our prices low and our training standard high.

Children under 12 will be given 50% off of group training for single class, week, month. Expat children (living in Thailand) 12 and under will be given monthly training at 2500 or 50% for anything under one month.

The Training Options Explained

Muay Thai Training
The Muay Thai package gives you access to all our Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Krabi Krabong and Muay Boran classes. In addition you will have access to the weight room. If you want to work on your striking only this package is for you.
Muay Thai & MMA Training
You will have access to all Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling, MMA, Western Boxing, Muay Boran, Krabi Krabong, Yoga classes and weight room access. This is perfect for the MMA/BJJ oriented guest that wants to hone their striking skills as well.
Fitness Only Training
This package includes access to all Bodyfit, Cross-Training, Yoga, Beach and Big Buddha training sessions, and weight room access. There are plenty of options to keep you occupied. If you are not interested in combat sports this is the package for you.
All-Inclusive Training
This package allows access to ALL and ANY of classes that Tiger offers. This package has the most flexibility, you can mix and match classes to take advantage of everything the camp has to offer. This is highly recommended for camp guests that want to try a bit of everything.
Deluxe Training
Access to all classes, and Muay Thai privates, 7 per week and 25 monthly respectively.
VIP Training
Access to all classes, and Muay Thai privates, 12 per week and 50 monthly respectively.

Training Prices & Comparison Chart

Muay ThaiTraining Muay Thai & MMATraining FitnessTraining All-InclusiveTraining DELUXETraining VIPTraining
1 Week 3,000 THB 3,500 THB 3,500 THB 4,000 THB 7,750 THB 10,000 THB
1 Month 10,000 THB 11,500 THB 11,500 THB 12,500 THB 25,000 THB 37,500 THB
3 Months 27,000 THB 31,000 THB 31,000 THB 35,500 THB - -
Muay Thai2x day x x - x x x
Muay Boran2x week x x - x x x
Krabi Krabong3x week x x - x x x
BJJ2x day - x - x x x
MMA/Wrestling1x day - x - x x x
Western Boxing3x week x - - x x x
Cross-Training2x day - - x x x x
Yoga1x day - x x x x x
Self Defense2x week - - - x x x
Bootcamp Fitness3x week - - x x x x
1 on 1 Muay Thai1 on 1 session - - - - 7 weekly
25 monthly
12 weekly
50 monthly
Weight-Room Accessall week x x x x x x

All-Inclusive Training, Food & Accommodation Packages

BasicAll-Inclusive Package DeluxAll-Inclusive Package VIPAll-Inclusive Package Weight-LossAll-Inclusive Package
1 Week 13,000 THB 16,500 THB 18,500 THB 22,000 THB
1 Month 39,000 THB 50,000 THB 63,000 THB 57,000 THB
All-Inclusive Training Package x x x x
AccommodationStandard Accommodation x x x x
Meal PlanStandard x x x x
1 on 1 PrivateSessions - 7x Weekly
25x Montly (Muay Thai)
12x Weekly
50x Montly (Muay Thai)
3x Weekly (Fitness)
ExtrasIncluded - - - Private consultation
upon arrival

All-Inclusive Package Upgrade – Premium Accommodation Add-on

The All-Inclusive packages include only standard accommodation either on-site or at one of our comparable quality accommodation partners. This Add-On is a top up cost for the individuals who would like to stay in higher end accommodations and is ONLY available as an add-on to the All-Inclusive Packages. These rooms are larger and more luxurious than their standard counterparts. They come equipped with large beds, hot water, dvd player, wifi and a shared swimming pool within 5 minutes walking distance from the camp. 1 Week 1 Month 3 Months 3,000 THB 14,000 THB 42,000 THB

Tiger Muay Thai Training Gear Packages & Combination Deals

Muay ThaiGear Package  (view) MMAGear Package  (view) Muay Thai Training+ Muay Thai Gear Package Muay Thai & MMA Training+ MMA Gear Package
Cost 7,000 THB 9,000 THB - -
1 Week - - 9,000 THB 11,500 THB
1 Month - - 15,500 THB 18,500 THB
3 Month - - 30,000 THB 35,500 THB
Training Included - - Muya Thai Training Muay Thai & MMA Training
Tiger 16 oz Gloves x x x x
Tiger Shin Pads x x x x
Tiger Handwraps x2 x x x x
TMT T-Shirt or Tank-Top x x x x
Muay Thai Shorts x2 x - x x
MMA Shorts x2 - x - -
Mouthguard x x x x
Rashguard - x - -
Shoota Style MMA Gloves - x - x

Addons Options

Weight-Room Access
Full access to our brand new indoor air conditioned weight room.
1 Day 1 Week 1 Month 250 THB 700 THB 2,500 THB
Single Class (drop-ins only)
For the people that just want to do one class here and another class there from time to time. Only available at the camp.
1 Class 10 Classes 400 THB3,750 THB
1 on 1 Muay Thai Privates
Private Sessions are 1 Hour 15 Minutes and includes stretching, warm-up, hand wrap, and training plan.
1 Session 10 Sessions 600 THB5,500 THB
Meal Plan
Inludes: 2x meals per day. 2x small fruit plates per day and 2x water bottle refills per day.
1 Week 1 Month 3 Months 3,000 THB 12,000 THB 32,000 THB
Meal Plan +
Inludes: 2x meals per day. 2x small fruit plates per day and UNLIMITED water bottle refills per day.
(No waiting in line for water)
1 Week 1 Month 3 Months 3,250 THB 13,000 THB 34,500 THB
Airport Pick-up
Pre-pay your airport pickup, price difference is due to different size vehicles being required.
1-2 People 3 People 4-6 People 7-10 People 850 THB 950 THB 1,250 THB 1,400 THB

On-Site Tiger Muay Thai Accommodations

Tiger Muay Thai Dorm Room
Rooms include, bed, fan, clothing hanger, lock box, shared refrigerator, microwave, and bathroom. check it out
Daily 1 Week 1 Months 500 THB 2,500 THB 6,000 THB
Tiger Muay Thai Budget Room
Each room has a single bed, fan, dresser, small fridge, TV/cable, DVD, and wi-fi Internet. Shared bathroom facility which is clean and has toilets. check it out
Daily 1 Week 1 Months 600 THB 3,500 THB 8,000 THB
Tiger Muay Thai Standard Bungalow
Each standard gym bungalow is located at the camp and comes with a large bed, air, wi-fi internet, tv, dvd, cable, hot water shower, wardrobe, and more. check it out
Daily 1 Week 1 Months 1,000 THB 6,500 THB 16,000 THB
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