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This is where you start your journey, book and pay for your stay today!

Welcome to our online reservation and booking system. It is divided into 3 active steps. 1st step (this page) is where you pick and choose what package, training options, accommodations and add-ons you would like to book. 2nd step is where you fill in your details, arrival date, departure dates etc and review your booking. Step 3 (payment) will be made using Paypal and you will be redirected to to complete the payment.

Please note that it is not possible to make a booking or reservation without pre-paying, this due to the fact that once booked the accommodation and training options will be removed from availability to other customers. You can still notify our reservation department of your arrival though by filling out this form

If you have any pre-booking questions in regards to availability of training and/or accommodations please contact us at . If you are experience technical issues with the booking or payment please contact the webmaster directly.

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Want to book 2 or 3 weeks?

Did you know that even though there is no predefined options you can still book for 2 or 3 weeks by adding the "1 week"-option 2x or 3x times to your booking. ok, I got it, please stop bugging me